A Lecture on the Performance of Beauty by Deborah Hay

Groundbreaking choreographer Deborah Hay talks around the question ‘can a formal and stimulating adherence to a prescribed set of hypothetical conditions be seen as choreography even if there is no learned movement?’ These are excerpts from her talk titled A Lecture on the Performance of Beauty, held at The Great Hall, The Cooper Union, NYC in 2010.

Click here to see a short documentary of Deborah Hay discussing and performing her work. The documentary also presents her unique process of embodied inquiry and her continued engagement in dance as a means of exploring consciousness and of posing unanswerable questions.

Deborah Hay trained with Merce Cunningham and Mia Slavenska. She was a member of a group of experimental artists that was deeply influenced by Merce Cunningham and John Cage.

The Deborah Hay Dance Company‘s mission is to foster a discerning appreciation for the human body within the cultural construct of contemporary society, through dance as experienced by audience, student, and/or performer. Central to this mission is the role of humor in recognizing the wildly cogent dancer we are capable of exercising into action.


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