X-mas with Cait Harris and Ivan Cheng

Ivan Cheng, EVEN!, a second stage of ‘epoche-lacan-orbits’ performance series (2014)

Ivan Cheng, EVEN!, a second stage of ‘epoche-lacan-orbits’ performance series (2014)

For the special x-mas show on Eastside Radio 89.7fm comedian Cait Harris and performance artist Ivan Cheng recorded their work for us. Have a listen here.

Cait Harris is a Sydney based performer and writer of plays, films and short stories. Her stories can be found in the ebook The Sturgeon General Recommends Cait Harris with Momentum Publishing and she can be seen performing on ABC 2’s new series Storyclub in January 2015. Every so often Cait can also be seen performing at the comedy venue Giant Dwarf on Cleveland Street, Redfern. In the comedy skit recorded for our show, Cait plays a radio presenter who after numerous unsuccessful relationships falls in love with a cockatoo.

Ivan Cheng is an Australian artist whose practice focuses on the damage in interpreting notation. As well as collaborative projects, he has shown conceptual performance work in Europe, North America, and Australia. Having studied at the Royal Academy of Music and Sydney Conservatorium of Music, he is developing scores which relate to formalism and history across cultural form, interested in the temporal act of reading and sight-reading. For our show, Ivan performs the text titled Duksy River, Disky River, Dusky Rivet. The text-score is followed by an experimental version of Silent Night composed by Ivan in collaboration with Polish-American sound artist Derek Piotr as the first track of a hypothetical Christmas album. For more about Ivan and his future work see ivancheng.com

MUSIC TRACKS played during the show
1) Nina Simon, I Wish I Knew (How It Would Feel To Be Free) from ‘Live in Montreux 1976′ album
2) Tape Five, A Cool Cat In Town (feat. Brenda Boykin) from ‘Tonight Josephine!’ album
3) Louis Prima, When You’re Smiling / the Sheik of Araby from ‘All Time Greatest Hits’ album
4) Camille, Gospel With No Lord from ‘Music Hole’ album
5) Ivan Cheng and Derek Piotr, Silent Night
6)Jun Miyake, Lillies of the Valley from ‘Pina Soundtrack (Wim Wenders Film)’
7) Asian Dub Foundation, Commited to Life from ‘Community Music’ album
8) Lauryn Hill, To Zion from ‘The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill’ album
9) On The Stoop, The Butt Naked Blues, from ‘On The Stoop’ album


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