Cait Harris’ Overactive Imagination


Cait Harris is Sydney and LA based comedian, writer, and performer. On Thursday 5 February she joined me at the Eastside Radio 87.5FM to talk about her upcoming gig at the Giant Dwarf, her work-practice, style, influences, and “overactive imagination”. 

Cait spoke about her inspiration-sources, how her writing changed over time, the importance of risk-taking, the value of cohesiveness and structure in comedy, how she deals with ‘demanding’ audience and pressure of performing live, whether comedy is her copping mechanism or “a way of making sense of things”, and more….

Cait’s Giant Dwarf performance is on Monday 16 February. For more information and tickets click here

Cait’s stories can be found in the ebook The Sturgeon General Presents Cait Harris with Momentum Publishing. Later this February, you can also see her performing on ABC 2’s new series Storyclub.

“I have adrenals of the size of the navel orange.” ~ Cait Harris


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