World Poetry Day

Poetic goes beyond imaginable.

New connections are established. The old ones disrupted. Poetic is overwhelming…


painting by: Francois-Henri Galland


Outside the law, rebellious and disrupting, poetry is full of seeming errors. It “points to language”, makes it “artificial” and unrecognizable [1]. The meaning is not given (nor aimed at), new possibilities are investigated.

Poetic is corporeal. It affects the body, the bones, the vessels. The reading is rhythmic. It resonates. Poetic is felt, not known. Intuitive rather than conscious. The experience is unintelligible and inexpressive yet it sways us profoundly. It disarms us…

“There are aesthetic emotions for which there are no corresponding thoughts, emotions that awaken the Unconscious alone and that never touch the brain; emotions vague, indefinable, confused; emotions that wake whirlwinds and deep-sea hurricanes…” [Benjamin de Casseres, ‘The Unconscious in Art’]

A memory, a kiss, a moment, a view, a feeling, a sound, a thought, a gesture – all these could be poetry.

Encounter with a poem is personal… private. Poetic digs deep into the hidden – what teases us, jolts us, magnifies us. Poetic reveals us. Contact with poetic is both sobering and elevating; it both crushes and repairs.

Poetic is outside the stasis. It shatters everything we knew and leaves us in the sphere of liminal, in the state of becoming – lost to what we were but not yet found in our newness.

The state of affinity “tugs us towards something” but we are left in a state of travel.

[Text: Ira Ferris, originally March 2015, updated March 2018]

[1] All quotes are from the book “How Reading is Written” by Australian poet, performer and researcher Astrid Lorange

“You give me being. But what I love is the fact that you give it to me. Staying there is of little matter to me. I like your giving me a mirror which is not made of ice. Your flowing into me, and me into you. Receiving you melting, molten, and giving that flow back to you. Without end. …

When I am affected and reaffected by you in the profoundly distant totality, I rediscover the total expansiveness of my affections. The total space of my outstretching. The full extent of my flow. Of my fluidity. Why do you fear to lose me there? …

But when lips kiss, openness is not the opposite of closure. Closed lips remain open. And their touching allows movement from inside to outside, from outside to In, with no fastening nor opening mouth to stop the exchange. The possibility of exchange is born from two lips remaining half open?” [Luce Irigaray, Elemental Passions]




I learn to listen to your silences
You to mine
And then everything is a whisper

Connected like strings, rays of light
We become gods and goddesses when we support each other

Can we become a relationship and maintain space?

I open up my edges
But I consider
How much
How wide

I am not yet where I’d like to be
But this is where you find me

Nothing happens in isolation


I let myself go

But ….

Why would you cause yourself to someone you like?
Why would you restrict freedom of someone you love?

So I break
It breaks
I break it

Sometimes – mostly – we are breaking our own hearts

But what if giving up was not an option?


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