Born in Europe, Croatia I’ve moved to Sydney in 2007. I have MA in Journalism from the University of Zagreb where I graduated with a thesis on “Cultural Diplomacy: the power of international art exchange in building meaningful and peaceful relationships between countries”.

I am currently undertaking an Arts degree at the University of Sydney, majoring in Art History/Theory. My areas of interest are broad and expend constantly but in general I am interested in in conceptual art, performance art, video art, sound art, installation art, relational aesthetic, feminist theory, avant-garde, art activism, cross-cultural dialogue, curatorial practices, contemporary dance, poetry, and art philosophy.

I am a freelance curator and art critic. For the list of the exhibitions I’ve worked on click here.

Occasionally, I also produce and present Art Shows on Eastside Radio 89.7fm, featuring interviews with artists and curators.

This blog catalogues my art reviews, essays, and some of the radio interviews. Thanks for reading.

You can also follow me on Twitter @ArtemisIrris.


Performance art group Bodies in Urban Spaces

Performance art group Bodies in Urban Spaces


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