10 May – 11 June, 2016
Folonomo Gallery, Sydney


Camille Softley is a Sydney based artist who explores line, texture and diverging forms through etchings, drawings and paintings.

Her delicately drawn, hyper-real compositions are inspired by drapery, landscape and variety of organic forms; shapes that lend themselves to the flowing lines and haptic textural quality.

30% of sales go to a charity of artist’s choice – the Stewart House who provide educational programs and opportunities for children in need.

19 April – 3 May, 216
ZGallery, Sydney

Outskirts DL final

A profit-for-purpose photography exhibition by Vitor Queiroz is a collection of black & white, social-documentary photographs taken in Anlung Pi, a small village in north Cambodia. OUTSKIRT provides a unique insight into the daily rituals of local villagers and their place within the surrounding environment, which is at once idyllic and untouched by human hand but also increasingly industrialised and contaminated.